LOS FELICES: The Fashion Hotel

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LOS FELICES: The Fashion Hotel

Los Felices will open its doors in June 2024 and will be Concept Hotel Group's ninth hotel on the island of Ibiza. This hotel, under The Concept Hotels brand, will be located in the Bay of San José, close to the Group's other hotels.

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Its architecture and design take inspiration from the mid-century style of Palm Springs, the renowned city located east of Los Angeles, known as the summer getaway for American celebrities in the 1960s and 1970s. The Ilmiodesign studio is in charge of the architecture and design, as they have done for all of the Group's establishments.

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The hotel's concept is dedicated to the fashion world, something that is unique in the hotel industry. There will be input from established and emerging Spanish and international designers in the lobby and the rooms. Some of the names confirmed for the project include Alejandro Gómez Palomo, Pepa Salazar from Spain, and the Ibiza native based in London, Angel Nokonoko, the French designers Louis Gabriel Nouchi and the duo behind EgonLab: Florentin Glemarec and Kevin Nonpeix. There will also be various tributes, such as the one planned for the Spanish designer David Delfín.


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The hotel made up of 113 rooms (with a designer participating in each one), will feature the following areas: a Hall Of Fame for the designers in the lobby, a kiosk stacked with fashion magazines and books, a boutique called Les Fleurs, created by stylist, designer and fashion consultant Maria Bernad (also involved in the configuration of the list of designers along with fashion curator Christophe Ledoux and the Lexa agency and collective) and The Palms restaurant, decorated in pink and pistachio tones and inspired by those who infused Palm Springs with life in the 60's.

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Los Felices has two pool areas: one pink and one yellow (the hotel's principal colours), separated by a parasol-shaped DJ booth. The Futuro House Stage will be a space for fashion shows and concerts, taking inspiration from the houses created by Danish architect Mati Suuronen in the 1970s. In addition, the hotel will feature six villas named after six significant designers.

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Los Felices' groundbreaking element is an exceptional spot called the Pop-Up Room, designed for multiple uses, including workshops, an atelier, and showcases, available to the brands and designers collaborating on this project.

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The Silencio Paris group will be in charge of the hotel's club, which will play host to DJ sets distinct from what is typically played on the island. Silencio is already closely linked to the Paris fashion scene as it is a reference in the city's nightlife, hosting the afterparties for fashion shows.

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"Conceptually, I think it's the most powerful and elaborate thing we've done to date. Dedicating the hotel's concept to the fascinating creative universe of fashion - one of our main pillars - is unique in the hotel world and an exciting task. We identify fully with this avant-garde sector that is constantly changing."

Diego Calvo, CEO and Co-Founder of Concept Hotel Group


"After years of working in fashion, it's a pleasure to bring it to a project like this. This hotel is a celebration for designers and creatives; it allows us to participate in a different way and it's amazing for me to be part of that.”

Maria Bernad, Fashion Consultant


“Fashion is at the heart of Silencio brand. Los Felices club will be an opportunity to create an intimate, creative and daring Night, featuring artists different from thosewho typically perform on the island.”

Arnaud Frisch, Silencio’s Founder

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