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Por Laura Martínez

We have a debut at Concept Hotel Group: a brand new promotional campaign for our hotels based on and inspired by a fun board game called Hotel, created in 1986 by MB and played in parallel with reality. We have repeated our collaboration with audiovisual artist Manu Jaime from Cádiz, creator of our promo film shot in March 2023.

Do you remember the board game Hotel? Let me refresh your memory: it’s the one where the player with the most money, plus the total value of the buildings acquired during the game, is the winner. It was about knowing how to buy and sell and not passing up any opportunity at the risk of losing the game. Our CEO, Diego Calvo, who played it frequently in his childhood and adolescence, has brought it to the screen, adapting it to the Concept Hotel Group’s universe and bringing the game to life.

In this version of the game, the winner is the one who acquires the most experiences because, in the end, that is true wealth. Here, the richest is the one who lives and experiences the most. This ‘retro-fictional’ world, created for the occasion, is inhabited by four players with distinct profiles who will do everything possible to win. Action, fun and car chases in bright-coloured Mustangs are the calling cards for the most exceptional campaign that Concept Hotel Group has produced so far.


This game, created by Manu Jaime, is called Hotel: The Game. For the moment, it is only a game developed for the promo video. However, you’ll soon be able to play it at home and get ready for your holiday on the board as well. Concept Hotel Group was crying out for a board game of its own, so we’ll finally get to make this fantasy come true.

Last year, we won the award for ‘Best Film in Hospitality’ at the Terres Check-In International Film Festival in Lloret de Mar with our promotional video for 2023. We want to surpass ourselves as the bar set even higher this season. The 2023 campaign starred The Spanish King, a.k.a Antonio García- Carro, a charismatic 92-year-old from A Coruña in northern Spain, loved by many major brands, who has also worked with Spanish artists Paco León and C. Tangana.

With Hotel: The Game, we wanted to work with a cast of extraordinary characters who are out of the norm, especially concerning hotel marketing. We’ve all seen that typical hotel video, repeated ad nauseam in its myriad forms and colours, of the couple watching the sunset with a glass of champagne to promote a holiday. That’s precisely what we didn’t want to do. It was essential to search for unconventional and unique profiles from the beginning, and Manu Jaime had this utmost in his mind when it came to shooting this parallel world. The result is anything but conventional.



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