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We take a tour around the hotels of Concept Hotel Group in Ibiza and get to know each of their universes to discover which wedding – or pre-wedding – best suits you. Take note because the options are varied and original.


This love letter to the ‘Love Motels’ of Route 66 is a hotel in the form of a luxury motel with neon lights, a diner inspired by classic films like “True Romance” and “Pulp Fiction.” Its jewel in the crown is an express-style chapel to get married as if you were in Las Vegas. Whether you want to make it official or not, that’s up to you, but what Romeo’s guarantees is a delicious menu and a post-party with all the extras: a white Lincoln limousine, and late-night dancing in the Playroom, the hotel’s naughtiest spot with a pole dance pole, leopard sofas, a bar, Karaoke and DJ booth. What are you waiting for to sing along to The Crystals: “Goin’ to the chapel, And we’re gonna get married.”



The Havana of the 50s is in Ibiza, don’t rub your eyes; it’s true! Just a few metres from Cala Gració, this corner of Cuba oozes with Latin flavour and is one of the most charismatic hotels by this irreverent hotel group. This object of desire has already been a feature in advertising campaigns for Playboy and Loewe, and it is safe to say that Cubanito is Concept Hotel Group’s most romantic hotel. The rooftop offers breathtaking sunsets over the bay and live Cuban music performances. Cubanito’s menu is full of nods to the Caribbean Island’s cuisine. This little piece of Cuba in Ibiza is everything you’ve always dreamed of for that Caribbean wedding that is much closer than you think.



If you have a rocker’s soul and like to feel the sea breeze on your skin, Dorado is the place for you. A hotel dedicated to great rock songs that went gold, paying tribute to them in each of its fourteen rooms. A boutique hotel that takes care of every detail to the max, with an unforgettable soundtrack to serenade you right on the beachfront of Playa D’en Bossa. If you imagine yourself getting married in a slip dress and cowboy boots but think this would only be suitable in Nashville, then an intimate wedding at Dorado is the answer to all your prayers, and, above all, it’s worthy of the outfit you thought you’d never be able to wear.



One of the most entertaining options I can think of for a pre-wedding is undoubtedly at Paradiso Art Hotel. This hotel is a tribute to art, with each of its colourful, vibrant eighties-inspired rooms named after a contemporary, national or international artist with original artwork from each one inside. The hotel’s art gallery, run by ADDA Gallery Paris, is focused on urban art, and its yearly rotating exhibitions and exterior walls are expressions of the movement’s artists. The most Instagrammable hotel in Europe in 2019 is also its liveliest; with aesthetics inspired by Miami’s Ocean Drive, a bar in the shape of a beach tower, pastel colours, and girly atmosphere make it an undeniable attraction for all kinds of island celebrations.



Paradiso Art Hotel’s little brother is Grand Paradiso. Concept Hotel Group’s latest opening is also dedicated to art, this time of the audiovisual kind. It has a cinema inspired by classic movie theatres with velvet armchairs and adjoining tables, and pays tribute to the seventh art featuring the Little Spain crew, director Chloe Wallace and actor and director Eduardo Casanova. With more spacious rooms and sea views, Grand Paradiso goes a step further and offers a higher quality of service with the best sunset in San Antonio Bay. A pink Cadillac El Dorado converted into a hot tub called ‘El Caduzzi’, and a movie-type setting plays witness to an unconventional wedding.



The most eagerly awaited opening of 2023 in Ibiza is this dream hotel that draws inspiration from the Amalfi coast to bring the Dolce Vita to our Mediterranean island. The group’s most ambitious proposal will have 32 suites dedicated to people with a special link to the island. Renowned PR Carlos Martorell, actress Ángela Molina and the world motorcycle champion Ángel Nieto are some of the people to be honoured in this hedonistic temple in Santa Eulalia. In July 2023, it will open its doors to fill this dream enclave with an Italo-Ibizan essence, with allies Dante New York, included in the ‘The World’ 50 Best Bars’, and the creators of El Silencio Ibiza and Silencio Club de París in charge of the hotel’s gastronomy. Can you think of a better place to celebrate a grand Mediterranean wedding? Frankly, I can’t think of anywhere better!

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