David Delfín Tribute

This Malaga-born individual, born in 1970, was destined to be the 'Enfant Terrible' of Spanish fashion, the most rebellious designer of the last decade, capable of attracting media attention in an organic and selfless manner.  

Diego David Gómez González, also known as David Delfín, had a calling as an artist before becoming a designer and quickly began making his mark not only in the art world - exhibiting both individually and collectively on several occasions - but also as one of the most active members of the Madrid underground culture. He was always well aware of aesthetics and movements taking place beyond our borders.  

In 1999, he decided to apply painting techniques to second-hand military garments. Due to the positive reception of his ideas, David created the brand Davidelfín, in partnership with the model Bimba Bosé - his muse and friend - and the Postigo siblings (Diego, Deborah, and Gorka). 

The brand's hallmarks were: creating garments that engaged in artistic discourse (strongly inspired by artists like Louise Bourgeois or Joseph Beuys), a recognizable image based on typography and the logo created by Delfín himself using his left hand, and the transversality of the project, which included not only fashion but also work in photography, architecture, and video. 

For the Malaga designer, everything started from the same foundation: restlessness. And it's precisely to inquisitive women that his garments are directed. A staunch advocate of gender fluidity, his proposals - often genderless - have championed a liberated way of understanding the world. 

David Delfín passed away in 2017 at his home in Madrid, afflicted by three brain tumors. Spanish fashion will always be indebted to him and his undeniable creative legacy. 



IG: @davidelfin_co

Web: davidelfin.com

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