Alejandro Gómez Palomo

The creator of the Palomo Spain brand, this Cordovan born in 1992, is a colourful designer, focused on men's fashion and committed to gender fluidity. Behind Palomo Spain is Alejandro Gómez-Palomo, a young man from Cordoba who was always very clear that he would dedicate himself to the world of fashion. Alejandro had the most prolific collection of barbies in Posadas, the town where he grew up, and he copied dresses for them from the couturiers he loved. Eventually, he not only dressed the dolls, but also everyone who passed by his house. His parents encouraged him to become a designer and with their support and willing to become a great promise, he moved to London where he worked in everything he could until he joined the Liberty and WSGN brands. He ended up enrolling in Men's Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion.  

With his first collections he managed to break into outlets such as Open Ceremony in New York and attract the attention of the former director of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld. But if there is one success attributable to Palomo, it is that his garments attracted both media and consumer interest.  

Silk dressing gowns and pyjamas, prints, ruffles and brocades make up a maximalist aesthetic with baroque reminiscences and Andalusian airs. Palomo's intention is none other than to reinvent masculinity, but in a natural way.  
Almodóvar, Rosalía, Rossy De Palma and Miley Cyrus are among his unconditional followers. 

In 2018, Palomo Spain took a qualitative leap forward by being chosen to open the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week and winning the Vogue contest in collaboration with Inditex: Who's On Next and in 2022, the Cordovan gave a twist to his aesthetic and the traditional 'Palomo boy', romantic and delicate, and presented Tiburón, his Spring-Summer 2022 collection in which he illustrated his particular vision of the executive look. A proposal marked by square shapes and more aggressive silhouettes.  


IG: @alejandrogomezpalomo

IG: @palomospain Web:

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