Álvaro Naïve: The Music Curator

Image post: Álvaro Naïve: The Music Curator

By Laura Martínez

Los Felices lands in Ibiza this June, and its mid-century aesthetic, with colourful touches in the pure Palm Springs style, needed a soundtrack to match. To achieve this, we've teamed up with a music curator who will put the icing on our tailor-made cake for an eternal summer. So, we talked to Álvaro Naïve about his inspiration to find the perfect musical atmosphere behind this special project.

We can agree, dear reader, that for a hotel to have a proper soul, it is necessary to find its musical personality. On the island, there are plenty of places where the aesthetics do not match the music; however, at Concept, we stand out for being the polar opposite of this meaninglessness. Music is one of the pillars of Concept Hotel Group, and at Los Felices: The Fashion Hotel, it forms a significant part of the establishment.

To find the perfect musical ambience for our mid-century universe of pastel colours, we hooked up with Álvaro, a Madrid-based musician and DJ. "I have always combined my musical career with the world of fashion; they are two worlds that go hand in hand. That's why, when Diego told me about the project, I didn't hesitate for a second to help out." The It boy of the Spanish fashion scene was a member of the art-rock band Trajano!, with whom he played at festivals like FIB and BBK Live in Bilbao. Álvaro has itchy feet, unkempt hair, deep blue eyes, rockstar looks and the expression of an eternal child. He's always in the most unmissable parties, whether as a DJ or guest.

To enter an establishment's world of sound, you must close your eyes and picture yourself there. It also helps to have a musical culture that pushes the right buttons: "When it comes to setting Los Felices to music, I've drawn on my treasure chest of sound, where I keep those tracks that make people really move at the events I play. Most are fashion industry events, so this synergy is perfect for me. When I ask him about genres and musical imagination, Álvaro is clear: "I wanted to come up with a complete playlist where people can find everything from timeless classics to the latest hit in modern music. I believe that music and fashion are timeless, and that's what I look for in both." And if we talk about inspiration, cinema is always present for Naive. "Films like 'Stolen Beauty' by Bernardo Bertolucci or 'La Piscine' by Jacques Deray, with costumes that speak for themselves, are some who come to mind.

However, when putting together the playlist, Álvaro tells us that the starting point was Grace Jones. The diva spent long periods in Ibiza due to her romance with the previous owner of Pikes Hotel, Tony Pike. Coincidence aside, Jones was a pioneer in multiple styles and genres: "She was ahead of her time as far as music was concerned and was also the muse for great designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake. Her musical essence is so eclectic that it could permeate every hotel area without them being alike."

To separate the hotel into musical zones, he gives us some specific clues regarding genres: "Taking inspiration from Grace, in the lobby, they'll be jazzier tunes like I've Seen That Face Before (Libertango) and by the pool, we're going more disco with tracks like Pull Up To The Bumper.

We can't wait for June 2024 to dance at Los Felices to the rhythm of this tailor-made musical universe that Álvaro Naive has meticulously assembled for us.


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